Friday, June 15, 2012


Time after time; moment after moment
life ages away forming memories
of everything passing by relentlessly
be it the good, bad or the in-betweens
all are packaged as they occur
to last forever but as time flies 
some do fade while some remain 
vividly clear n' close to heart
ushering in smiles n' gleams of joy
as others unleash in the form of tears
when you reminisce them as you walk down 
on a trip in your memory lane
reflecting on the yonder of your past
thousands of memories spanning
your lifetime of how you've lived 
your life with all its non-rhythmicity
coalesced with splendor n' struggle akin!

Life is a collage of all such moments 

moments that become memories
memories that act as anchors
defining the "YOU" in you
as you tread towards the pearly gates!

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