Monday, September 26, 2011

Betrayed trust

Standing tall and strong like a pillar of strength ~
ever since the death of our revered one
the irreparable loss that balked all our lives
I grew up overnight killing the young ME inside!

To handle the responsibility of everything therein
I toiled through endless days and nights akin
to meet the ends, so that we could live in dignity
the ride was never smooth, it was bleak and bouncy!

I faced adversities, challenges n' crisis on my own
the feelings I felt, I buried them in the unknowns
not minding even once the exaction or the dents
the sacrifices, the wounds and the heart's descent!

I slogged through years to see you smile, to fulfill
all that you wanted for to me they were worth while
it kills me within and I find it hard to believe ~
that for all my love, it was deceit that you chose to give!

I wanted you to live your life on a path that was true
a road travelled by only the blessed and chosen few
but you consciously chose to drift, go awry n' astray
you betrayed my trust, what more can I say..??!!

Not that I expected benediction or gratitude in return
I only hoped you hadn't let me down the way you'd done
the signs were showing for long but I chose not to believe
O! how I wish I had believed! I had believed! I had believed!

I let go off you, now, you be what you want to be ~
learn life the hard way for you do not deserve me
I hope you realize your sinful deeds and soon see the LIGHT
take the u-turn for good before your soul feels emptied inside!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Unchained Thoughts

I, no longer want to be enslaved
in any grief of my wounded mind,
I want to seek my life, once again ~
one that's free from all fiend!

I don't want my life to be a parody
akin the soulless that you see everywhere,
I want my free spirit to leave footprints
that will outlast me when I'm not there!

A world free of hurt n' cacophony ~
is where I want to set my ground,
hearts over flowin' with sublime love
n' floatin' mirth is what I want around!

In the depth of emotional wreckage
I let loose all of my mind's despair,
unchaining my thoughts, I set them free
to find their freedom again, in reverie!

Sunday, September 4, 2011


anarchic is the world ~
in which we live-in today
where money has become the master
n' we've become its bonded slaves
where hurts of our past
have made their homes in our heart
where fears of uncertain tepid future
has left, us frenzied gropin' in the dark!

though the journey seems intriguin'
do not succumb to the testin' times
in the end, all will be right
just keep looking for the light
it's the rule of the universe
that after every dusk comes the dawn
the darkest hours in our lives
can only last until the morn'!

when you feel, you're done n' dusted with life
hold onto HOPE to guide you thru' such strife
when the paths seems steep n' hard to climb
HOPE is the balm that will soothe your mind
when trials seem unrelentin' n' shatter your soul
HOPE is the sparkle that will make you feel whole
when tears stream silently down your eyes
in such faces of travesty is where HOPE abides!