Sunday, January 29, 2012

This too shall pass..!!

Today, no matter how heavy her heart is
wavering n' shattering to smithereens within
she tries her best to hold herself together,
even if she has to put on a binding layer!

With her world crashing on her on the outside
forcing her to walk the dangerous thin line
she tries to remain as resilient as she can be
clinging to hope n' preserving her integrity!

In this very turbulent phase of her life
when its exacting to endure her living present
she strives hard to fight back the dark nights
no matter how cold n' bleak the outcome seems!

It's the belief that she keeps reinstating
within her that what she is doing is true
with faith that everything will fade away
gradually n' her life will be alright very soon!

At this very crossroad of her life ~
if she is able to take the decision she has to
in the midst of the realm that she's in
she will embark on the path that she's got to!

She just has to keep moving on n' on, holding
together the whole of her unified as ONE
knowing that the darkness shall pave way to light
and, that "This too shall pass away..!!".


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Little Joys

Little joys like ~
listening to soothing music
enjoying the whiff of fresh air
watching the dew-drops on leaves
walking on grass or on sand
towards the subtle sunrise or sunset
feeling one within, in blissful solitude
looking at where the horizons meet
gazing at the beauty of the azure sky
or the colors of the meadows
and the smell of earth
during the first showers
it's this midas touch that symbolizes
harmony n' peace in the midst
of the mystical wonders of nature
that give us our ecstatic pleasure..!!

Why trade these rapturous
enchanting thrilling joys
to the dark shadows of
a demanding n' pretentious
world that sucks you within
in its vortex leaving you depraved..??

Get soaked in these joys n' soar high
spreading your wings to unknown heights
setting yourself as free as you can be
enjoying every moment, the beauty of life
and life's little things..!!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Transient Thoughts...

Transient thoughts
breeze through the mind
with the cold frigid air
brushing across my face
calming my unquiet mind
whispering in my heart
ephemeral emotions of
love, hate, solitude, hope
blending them together
leaving my heart unsteady
frangible n' vulnerable..!!

The dusk to dawn theory
doesn't fit in, somehow
for each day browbeats
the yesterday creating mayhem
n' flits away with a
promise of a better tomorrow
Where then is the today
if it is caught in transition
between both these days..?!

Is it all a fabrication
of an over active mind
or, maybe a simply fictitious
affair with nothing as such
but the yearning of the heart
to seek solace, bliss n' love
in the midst of
chaos n’ profound pain
if not true, then

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Longing to be young, once again..!!

It's strange how we transform ~
as we grow, nothing remains the same
as seasons pass by, we are sculpted
to become a more mature persona
isn't it amazing on how the meanings change,
from what we thought of them
when we were young ~
n' receptive to everything around us
why then do we become rigid
with the passing years
remaining no longer tenable
losing all our raw innocence, and
our ability to love unconditionally
to treat every new dawn as a wonder
that appealed to us boundlessly
beckoning us to bring out the best in us
spreading seeds of joy n' happiness
wherever we leave our footprints!

Can we not retain the same innocence
and, preserve our spirit n' soul akin
embalming them in love, innocence n' verve
setting free ourselves from all miseries
and, the meaningless race to keep pace
with an unwanted pretence masking the REAL us??

If by growing up, life turns out to be like this
I long to be young once again, forever...!!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

If you ever want to shine like the Sun, you’ve to burn like it!

Chafing the heart and mind
to break through the mould
and create a mark of your own
is a scalding herculean task
not meant for the weak hearted
for it is not the benevolent full moon
offering its peaceful realm that one seeks
but it is the aura of bright sunlight
that fires the trigger within to be there, and
to do something new that's never done before!

Only as far as I set my vision
will I be able to set the boundaries,
Only as far as I'm able to push yourself
will I be able to identify my true strength
Only as far as I make my dream, my goal
will I be able to shape it in reality
Only when I'm able to see my works take form
will I know that I'm on the right path!

En route the journey of life, I've learnt
it's entirely unto us to be who we are, and
become who we want to be in our lifetime
before trying to command nature in our sojourn
we first have to learn to obey it
we have to learn through every walk of life
as an observer, empathize n' pause to understand
what the nuances in life actually do mean
there's nothing free n' everything comes at a price
just like...
If you ever want to shine like the Sun,
first you have to burn like it..!!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Ambiguous Life

What do I express of life, this life
save, it's nothing but an ambiguous life!!

a moment of chaos, a moment of calm,
a moment of roar, a moment of whisper,
a moment of light, a moment of darkness,
a moment of sense, a moment of conflict,
a moment of love, a moment of hate,
a moment of clamor, a moment of silence,
a moment of pleasure, a mment of pain,
a moment of pretence, a moment of reality,
a moment of grotesque, a moment of beauty,
a moment of depression, a moment of hope,
and, so many more contrariness
all stemming from the life ~
birth in this mysterious universe,
where time flows forever like the river
undeterred in its journey n' forever sparkling
bringing in a new facet with it every new day
that changes a part of us; for good or bad
but who's the master to judge, no one knows..??
life moves on and the cycle continues on n' on
till one fine day when death takes you away
to yet another unfamiliar unknown territory
where you rest in peace from this damnation
setting your spirited soul free for eternity
nothing would change after you're dead n' gone
there would be a momentary pause by the loved ones
till they find their grounds n' surge ahead, and
the universe continues its vicious rigmarole
birthing new souls n' taking them through it all
just like how it did with you while you lasted here
such are the vagaries of life, our ambiguous life..!!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

A time to rend, a time to sew

She'd an unmatched zeal as was her pursuit
to learn the true n' real meaning of life
she embraced her quest n' set out in zest
but it did not take her long to realize
what the harshness in life had done to her heart
she was no longer a reflection of her true self
she loved company but felt alone in crowd
she wasn't lonely but she longed for a world
that was filled with peace, bliss n' love
she paused when she couldn't comprehend
the perils of life that consumed her whole
but she bounced back with her fiery spirit
piecing herself together to continue her transit
to seek what she sought, such intense was her will
as time flowed, she learnt more n' more
she never believed in the doctrines
n' always left it to the sands of time
to guide her through her journey of life
be it her fate, destiny or the winds of change
n' all the realities that she found strange
like a wise sojourner, she imbued the real
and felt exalted, liberated n' joyous
as she realized the meaning of life anew
that there is always "a time to rend and a time to sew"!

Monday, January 2, 2012


When chaos n’ turmoil are flagrant in my life
n' I momentarily think I can't handle the rife
when tact’s, deeds n' words fail to do the needful
that's when I adopt the SILENCE that's powerful!

In the depth of silence ~
as I embark on the journey deep within
to contemplate over the realm that I live-in
as my musings n' thoughts unfold in my mind
I let them have a free flow, unchaining the binds
my heart, spirit n' soul akin connect as whole
bolstering my conscience, to take full control!

The harder the resolute to seek the answers
with the dauntless tenacity to not give-in
ensure a clean sweep of the cluttered mind
quasi yet real are the choices of this sojourn
now, it's up to me to decide which path to choose!

Silence is not a sign of weakness or loneliness
it's a powerful weapon of souls with fortitude
Silence brings together the elements within me
it has its own energy, substance n' style
Silence, I revere your presence in my life
for condescending me and showing me light!

SILENCE… I bow to thee for eternity..!!