Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Pondering Moments!

Why does it feel like -
Nature is telling
a story that's known!

Events shaping memories
as the journey unfolds
Paths laden with stumbling blocks
that the intellectual mind unlocks

Why does it feel like -
the winds are singing
the song that's lore!

E'en in the cacophony of sound
Is an eerie calmness that's still!
that soothes the pristine soul
aligning the conflicts by the shore

Why does it feel like -
Moments of our life
are borrowed from time

Every moment in quest
Is every moment that's gone
Every moment that passes
Leaves an imprint of the lorn

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Bridge Across Forever

As I kept walking ~
through the tunnel of life
I thought it would turnout
to be a blissful sojourn

I chased the wind
to catch the rainbow
I sprayed the colors
to paint the meadows

as I stumbled on blocks
and meandered my way
the cracks began to show
and paths grew astray

like pomeron trajectory
my footprints imagery lay
in the canvas of my mind
the only color was dark gray

I am hurt, I am broken
Yet I have ~
a will that's unshaken
I move towards the light
that cuts through the dark
at the end of the tunnel
that's long and stark

I know there is ~
a conduit out there
arching towards the sky
built by the HANDS above
pillared by pristine love
tunneling the bridge
across the dark forever!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


quiet yet unquiet was how it began
n' then the turbulence took over my mind
I felt restrained within my own confines
unable to think, unable to move
I stood rooted at ground zero
with the shackles of loneliness
caving in on me, o! how much -
I longed for a glimpse of mirage
but I kept falling in the menacing dark
'twas like a free fall from mind to heart
with nothing to say or hear about
unrequited love anguishing my soul
tears contriving to trap my mind
fetters of fear making me cold
with pain so devastatingly intense
in the frame of a tacitly recluse soul
reprising the footprint impressions
clamoring over the times bygone
wanting to embrace the eternal flame
reprieving till then in solitude realm!!