Thursday, January 12, 2012

If you ever want to shine like the Sun, you’ve to burn like it!

Chafing the heart and mind
to break through the mould
and create a mark of your own
is a scalding herculean task
not meant for the weak hearted
for it is not the benevolent full moon
offering its peaceful realm that one seeks
but it is the aura of bright sunlight
that fires the trigger within to be there, and
to do something new that's never done before!

Only as far as I set my vision
will I be able to set the boundaries,
Only as far as I'm able to push yourself
will I be able to identify my true strength
Only as far as I make my dream, my goal
will I be able to shape it in reality
Only when I'm able to see my works take form
will I know that I'm on the right path!

En route the journey of life, I've learnt
it's entirely unto us to be who we are, and
become who we want to be in our lifetime
before trying to command nature in our sojourn
we first have to learn to obey it
we have to learn through every walk of life
as an observer, empathize n' pause to understand
what the nuances in life actually do mean
there's nothing free n' everything comes at a price
just like...
If you ever want to shine like the Sun,
first you have to burn like it..!!

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