Sunday, August 29, 2010


it is you who gave me life
n' brought me on this earth
I dedicate my every breath in your name
my life is yours...MY DEAREST MOTHER!!

as a child, you instilled deep values in me
that took me through life's thick n' thin
you taught me prayers n' showed me grace
you wiped clean, my tear stained face

your selfless devotion in raising me
through the ups n' downs of our lives
is something I'll cherish n' never forget
for these are the best memories of my life

the warmth of your beautiful smile
ushers in sunshine in my life
the tender touch of your hand
calms down my disturbed mind

the embalmed in love, hug
comforts n' protects me when hurt
the gentle kiss on my forehead
soothes my frayed nerves n' averts

you've nourished me in every which way
you made ME, the ME I am today!

I am sorry, it took me so long to say ~
this to you my dearest Mother...
I love you more than anyone
it is for you that I live
you are the spirit of my life
I worship you, you are my shrine
I am glad you are mine!!