Saturday, December 22, 2012

Dreamer's dream

What motivates you to dream asked she
I told her it was my dream that motivated me..!!

I'm a dreamer who believes in my dreams
for it sets precedence to the futuristic me
a new world, a paradise is where I want to live-in
without racism n' politics creating furore within
where the daunting realities rife today are ablazen
and fears are nothing but evaporating illusions
where justice is instant with values strongly laden
and heroic deeds are respected without being forgotten
where love reigns hearts  n' paves way for freedom
and dreamers are motivated to dream n’ see them blossom!!

Monday, December 10, 2012

At times...

At times...
my mind gets stuck in the past, and
replays memories buried deep within
over and over again, tormenting me
making me acutely aware
that I am merely existing
and not living..!!

At times...
when I am in such freeze mode
where I sit mutely feeling numb 
I stare intently at time 
right in its eye wanting to know from it
how much is too much, and
when would enough be really enough?

At times...
when I know I can't burn the bridge behind
I feel like walking away from all the known
and going to a place never before explored
where I choose to remain a person unknown
allowing my soul to heal myself
living so long, a life of anonymity..!!