Friday, May 30, 2008


Having traversed on different paths
across the different altitudes of LIFE
when I look back, today -
I feel ... 
I was always wrong
O! Why was I not wise?
Why wasn't I strong?

I suffered through the forces 
of my muffled destiny
others always controlled my life
when I strived hardest
it was against my own shadow
and not the rest

I was not ME
I was split in two -
MYSELF, yet not ME !!

I found it impossible
in this realm
to get back to the
wholeness of my youth, my soul

I crossed the great ocean
and yet, I halted 
so close to the shore
when I found myself alone
stripped off all will 
and deplete of all energy
to take me to the other side

At this high tide of my life
with whatever of the real ME
having ebbed away
thoughts came flooding back to me
Into every opening 
of my mind's bay
reinstating time n' again
that I needed SOMEONE as a part of me
but this I think is something that just can't be!

This is ME.