Monday, June 25, 2012

My Life - My Way

Some say...
Life is a journey, and
not a destination!
Others say...
Life is a book where you need to turn
to a new page to forge ahead!
Rest say...
Life is what we make it,
always has been, always will be!

But, what is Life?
Moments of time clustered together, and
credited to your name for you to live them
to the fullest in this realm n' this lifetime
where you observe, pause, unlearn n' learn anew
as you traverse thru' this journey set for you!

Life offers no controls of ~
Pause, Rewind, Play n' Stop
to get a handle on Life!
What's done is done n' cannot be undone
for it's deeply frozen in time!

So, what do you do..??
You make the most of whatever you know, and
move on  thru' every tide, high n' low, and
thru' every crisis, labyrinths and windfall
juxtaposed with a gamut of sensitizing emotions
till its time for you to rest in your grave
which symbolizes THE END of your journey
with your memorable lifetime, and while you're at it
make sure you say, Oh Holy! What a journey, it’s been!

As for me being on the same plateau ~
Having known n' understood whatever I've known
at this point n' time in my life, I admit…
"Yes, I've made lots of mistakes in my Life
for Life never came with a User's Manual for ME"!!
So, I shall always live... 'My Life - My Way'!!

Monday, June 18, 2012


WORDS - an assembly of letters
that we write, speak n' read!

As a fragmented self they mean nothing 

but as a clique they have the power 
to make or mar one's life 
they can usher you into bright light
or throw you in a vortex of dark
they can encourage you to see the real
or discourage you by showing the surreal
they can express love or instigate hate
they can make you dance, sing or cry
for once they are formed n' delivered
you cannot reject or deny them
such is their power and influence!

How do we use them, then ~
discreetly, judiciously, prudently?
the onus of the choice lies only on us
for as we all know, how a cluster of WORDS
can shape our life from time to time!

Friday, June 15, 2012


Time after time; moment after moment
life ages away forming memories
of everything passing by relentlessly
be it the good, bad or the in-betweens
all are packaged as they occur
to last forever but as time flies 
some do fade while some remain 
vividly clear n' close to heart
ushering in smiles n' gleams of joy
as others unleash in the form of tears
when you reminisce them as you walk down 
on a trip in your memory lane
reflecting on the yonder of your past
thousands of memories spanning
your lifetime of how you've lived 
your life with all its non-rhythmicity
coalesced with splendor n' struggle akin!

Life is a collage of all such moments 

moments that become memories
memories that act as anchors
defining the "YOU" in you
as you tread towards the pearly gates!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Emerging Stronger

I am emerging from a black hole
that's almost consumed me whole
it's been a painful journey for me
I am uncertain of what's in the anvil
let alone know how will I tackle it!

Being a compassionate benevolent

I let the happenings around me
destroy me little by little, over time
and eventually cut me to the core
without letting the other's know
of all the affliction I was going thru'
that broke my heart n' shattered my mind
the ordeal and the emotional mayhem
devastated me further, letting me sink in
deeper till I held on just in time, and
paused long enough to stop my free fall!

I have to end these depths of despair, and

the problems in my life must be absolved
for I don't want to feel this pain ever again
that has power enough to erode my soul
I need to emerge into a new life, now
with renewed fortitude n' vigour
akin to the mighty phoenix, and
stamp out all the negativities in flames
and take flight to my real realm
stronger than ever before, and
I alone can do it for its MY LIFE
and I need to get a handle on it!

Thursday, June 7, 2012


Why is it that when we face a crossroad?
our mind comes to a standstill, and
the obscurity of the situation, further
makes taking a call seem like a task uphill!

It's true that some roads lead us to
success, happiness, peace n' bliss, but
it's also true that some roads lead us to
failure, defeat n' sadness strewn amiss!

One cannot remain standing forever
not wanting to surge ahead, out of fear
some road will have to be chosen n’ undertaken
so what if the journey at the onset appears murkier!

Like an enthralled sojourner, choose the road
where your heart n' mind guide you to, and
if you feel enroute that this isn't the one,
just take a U back for the next road n' continue!

In the realm of unknown, lie the answers
to all that you want to seek n' know
you have to learn to obey n’ listen to nature
as it teaches on the way, but first you've to go!

Tune in your mind n' raise up your eyes
to overcome the plight that's anguishing you
every crossroad has some learning for you to imbue
replenished with the beauty that surrounds you!