Saturday, February 18, 2012

I love to stay the way I am..!!

If I am the traditional conservative woman,
I am the cynosure of all social eyes;
If I live within the dogma's of this world,
I am the most sought after ideal woman;
If I abstain from all form of indulgences,
I am the one who's had the right upbringing;
But, I say ~
To hell with all these mediocre boundaries
that prevent me from being the one "I AM"!!

When I call a spade a spade in my talks
they call me an arrogant ruthless soul
when in truth it is they who cannot
deal with reality and face it as it is!!

When I live my life on my own rules n' terms
they say she abstains from the social norms
when in truth it is they who're hooked onto
the subservient n' refuse to move on in life!!

I am not one to justify myself
to strangers n' close ones akin;
I love to stay the way I am
and, I do not care a damn..!!

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