Saturday, August 30, 2008

I often wondered...

I often wondered why I felt my life incomplete -
Until I met you.

You stepped into my life like a ray of light,
For my world that was enveloped in darkness.

You took time to explain me the meaning of life,
You taught me ways to overcome strife,
You offered me your shoulder to rest on,
You became somebody I could depend upon.

I can never forget your sense of devotion,
Your relentless endeavors to set me back in motion,
You helped me smile when times where blue,
With you besides me. I knew I could sail through,

And, so today-
I would take this time, to let you know,
That you have influenced me in so may ways,
That it simply cannot be expressed through any says.
For all that you have done, I'm indebted to you,
For all that you endeavored, I'm grateful to you.

Be there for me ever my friend, for it is true,
That my life will never be the same without YOU.

I fall short of words to express my feelings for you,
I wish all the happiness in the world for you,
And, I pray LORD grant HIS deepest blessing to you.



Very few people know the real you,
I fall amongst those few.

Your beautiful eyes, your charming smile,
Keeps me guessing all the while;
Whether its really you or an angel in disguise,
Come to make this earth a paradise;
Be it morn, or be it night,
You seem to glow in ya radiant light.

For the times together that we have had,
We have shared some good times and some bad,
Some jokes, some fun, some smiles, some tears,
Our relation has strengthened over the year.

For miles to come and miles to go,
My love for you will grow more n' more,
You have carved a niche in my memory lane,
So, deep in my heart, you shall always remain.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Stranger Somewhere, Nobody Nowhere!!

It feels so lonely within -
having none to share my emotions
and none to share my feelings!!

Life's never been a bed of roses,
it's been laden with thorns,

Fond memories to cherish forever,
have only become forlorn;
E'en the sound of music of Life -
seems to have lost out on its voice,
with so much gloom cast around,
there's just no reason to rejoice.

People of the world passed around
having walked right across my soul,
Taking in what they wanted from me -
being extra menacingly cold;
Oblivious of the hurt, they had
caused to this lonely heart,
Unknown of the pain undergone,
in the dark mysterious past.

Ebbing away off the power,
to overcome strife,
looking beyond the horizons
of this solitude Life;
Unfazed with the thought -
of embracing death,
I readied to tread myself
on the road of perdition.
Like a Stranger Somehwere...
a Nobody Nowhere!!


Traversing on a new path,
My good Lord!
I do not know -
whether I am right or wrong
With a silent prayer in heart,
I pray to you thy highness...
Grace me with kindness
and show me the LIGHT!!

Elm of LIFE

Life is a rigmarole
of smiles n' tears, jeers n' fears,
encompassed in an ocean
of emotions where -
there is no one to augur
of what's to come, but
the only truth obvious
is the inevitable death.


Thursday, August 14, 2008


There's fascination of things to come,
Can't stop now, can't go slow,
I am feeling a sense of freedom above,
I know this is where, I will find my true LOVE.