Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Lost Innocence

a sparkle, a sunshine, a glowing light,
she came across as a harbringer of life

her spirit, her dreams were her pride
she expressed it all with nothing to hide

tears of hurt often stream down her face
as she remnisces of all that took place

when the child within her left her side
her careless whispers were buried inside

she fought, she cried, she plead, she riled
till all that was her unseemingly died

what they did to her, consumed her soul
her heart fragmented, will never be whole

an epitome of innocence was reduced to ash
such was her destiny that unfolded abashed

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

It's time...

when hurt, hurt me deeply
I surrendered to fate meekly
wounded, scathed, alone in the dark
I faced reality that was stark
tangled emotions, I couldn't untie
I stayed back rooted, when time flew by!

it's said after chaos comes order
and after night comes dawn
even the darkest hours of night
last only until the morn!

I'll smile again tomorrow
though I am crying now
I know I'll find my will again
for it's time for me to move on!

it's time, I get up n' get out
it's time, I set myself free
it's time, I learn to live
it's time, I be ME!