Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A Journey called Life

Life is a journey to be lived for
and not a destination to be reached
it begins the day you were born
and ends when you breathe your last
it is - short, mysterious n' exacting, but
we only get to make this journey once
so, its unto us to make the most of it..!!

Its a journey of thousand miles
that you begin with one step, and,
then you just keep surging ahead
never looking back, come what may
for you're never going to go that way
you'll travel across lands, rivers, deserts, 
valleys and a myriad of earth's dwellings
where your heart n' thoughts take you
you'll live amongst people, understand them
learn how few stand by you no matter what
and the plenty others conveniently disappear
your emotions n' feelings will all be raked
for you to experience each one of them
you'll have your highs juxtaposed with the lows
its a part of life where everything happens 
for a reason is what we are told, but
how long do you wait for the reasons to unfold
till you draw your own inferences no one knows
as you travel through times n' tides
you'll have choices aplenty enroute
make wise decisions, for time isn't at your will
its unto you to imbue the best n' worst
of it all that this journey offers, and
create memories black o' white n' colorful 
for that's all the imprints you'll leave behind
when this journey would've ended making you - YOU
before your body is set to pyre, and 
your ashes get sprinkled across the sacred ganges..!!

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