Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Undying HOPE...

when they first crossed their paths
they knew that they had given each other
a special place in their hearts
from strangers to friends, their journey was short
for their bonding was strong, right from the start!!

he made her feel special
and called her an angel
she helped him realize his dreams
and gave him back his self-esteem
though they talked endlessly, they never met
yet, this was something they never regretted
till, one fine day...
when he disappeared from her life
without uttering any good byes
just as he had come, he had gone away
leaving her wondering what led things astray
she cried n' cried over the void he had left
she found no answers n' moved on bereft!!

years passed and, again, one day...
he returned as if he had never gone away
she asked nothing and accepted him back
and together they continued the journey of life
he set the child-woman in her free
all he craved for was her company
together, they dreamt new dreams
and this time around, they promised to meet
but this was not how it was meant to be
such cruel was their destiny!!

time compelled them to travel different paths
even when they yearned for each other
they were forced to live, anonymously, apart
she did not know what to make of her strife
whether to accept him as an anam cara
or a traveler in her life?
for what had happened once had recurred, again
and deep in her heart she was numbed with pain
yet, she longed for him to come around
so, she kept her faith alive and her will strong
she prayed that when they meet again
which she hoped that they will
all that was there, would be there still...

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Mind Matters..!!

As I lie down...
I see a myriad of images 
reeling through my eyes
along with the voices in my head
these demons, they deprave me
of my sleep and any form of peace
I don't blame them for I birthed them
when I went thru' conflicting moments in life
consequentially, the thoughts 
settled deep in the confines of my mind 
and created a level of chaos
that I've never witnessed before
where I am ME and yet not ME..!!


I choose to live free but in autonomity
and for this I shall do all that I can
with resolute strength I'll fight away the demons
and with the gifted ability to handle crisis
I'll cross all the barriers enroute
and leave my mark on the paths traveled
I'll sweep and purge my mind from all the cobwebs
to make room for fresh thoughts and opportunities
and pave the way for a new beginning from here on
I'll never look into my past for that's not my way
but the only time I will ever look back 
or dwell in it will be when I want to know 
how far ahead I've come in life..!!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Venture to Nature

As she ventured towards nature ~
she sauntered towards the prying fires
whose mystique flames raptured her abound
she whispered songs of lore in the air
even amidst the dissonance of sound
she immersed herself in the clear blue waters
floating in the streams, without being downed
she looked up at the celestial ether
where the natural paradise held her spellbound
she felt beneath her feet, the bountiful earth
that spread its subtle fragrance all around!!

After traipsing amongst the elements of nature;
she realized that the pain she felt within
would consume her, only, if she sanctioned it
she learnt that instead of letting her loneliness
fluster her, she should seek solace in it
she, also, understood that sunrise and sunset
where a part of everybody's life
and every passing moment was a new moment
that held open endless possibilities
to know the unknowns and tread the unexplored paths!!

In essence ~
What she needed was only a venture to nature
to resurrect her broken will and shaken confidence
and, set free her mind, heart and soul
to live life anew with renewed spirit and zest 
without being affected by the past and the rest!!

Friday, September 6, 2013


Life offers it's own twists which do not make sense at that point in time;
Keep moving, anyway.

When people around mar you more than they make you;
Ignore them, anyway.

What's taken you years to build, gets destroyed overnight;
Build again, anyway.

When you are questioned for your well meant intentions;
Do not answer, anyway.

When your dreams turn to dust;
Vacuum them, anyway.

When you seek answers deep down yet they seem evasive;
Give time, time, anyway.

As a sole wanderer with an unprejudiced mind
take on the journey of your life
looking out for the signs of the universe
that will guide you on what barriers to navigate,
what bends to take and what roads to rise,
to conquer the untouched apex and summits
with its new horizons, sunsets and sunrise..!!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Giving Serendipity a chance...

why do we feel that strong urge
to control the handle of our life
wanting to set everything right
controlling all its moments
from the onset to the end?
when in true parlance, life,
sometimes, writes stories
that one cannot imagine, and
we are left wondering wild
what it will turn out to be
thinking too much, kills the fun
I feel we must just let it run
the way it is, the way it should be
for who knows chance serendipity
may exalt us giving us an experience
never felt before in our lifetime..!!

so what if we find it profound,
scary and run amok with insecurity
isn't this how we are supposed to feel
every feeling raking within us, our real?
the fears and anxiety are all set
within the confines of our mind
peace, bliss and happiness
are not really hard to find..!!

truth remains rooted firmly in its ground
that not all answers are meant to be found
and, if you really think, you know it all
you actually know none-at-all..!!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


For long, I sat alone n' paused
surmising my life's journey thus far
of the distances I had traveled
of the barriers I had overcome
and the milestones achieved
a sort of consolation
that I had done my best all along!

Yet, there existed a feeling 
of having miles to go 
wanting to achieve more n' more
for this wasn't just the life
that I wanted to live 
I'd a lot more to give 
before I finally gave in!

At the dawn of this realization
I resumed my journey ~
walking through the obstacles
listening to nature's cue 
I decided that never mind 
how many times I fall
with resilience I shall rise
conquering n' scaling new highs
no matter whatever be the price!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Sibling love

Seeded n' born in the same womb
from that very moment, we were bond
in a relation one of its kind
that strengthened as we grew with time
we have had our share of fights, fun,
happiness, sorrow n' madness
whatever life dished out
we handled them all dauntless
be it the highs or the lows
or the loss of our dear father
we've sailed through life together
we never realized, the depth of our bind
till we were forcefully separated
when you had to go to a different land
the pangs of separation bled our hearts
but the memories of our togetherness
filled the void helping us live apart!

Today, my dear brother ~
I want you to know that
I long to be with you
more then ever before
until then may our love grow strong
and take us in life, far n' beyond!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Standing on the edge

Standing on the edge...
I dwell on my life, till now
on all the events n' people
who shaped me to become who I am 
but is this who I wanted to be?

Is this my fate?
Is this my destiny? 
Or, can I write my own story?

Till date, I've accepted all that life 
has offered n' moved on with it
be it the shackles daunting my journey
or the mysteries of the seasons of nature
with its wild cry n' deafening silence
I've seen it all, been through it all..!!

With every passing moment, I try to sift
the reality from the illusion
but the myriad of collages from the past
clutter my mind n' I feel lost in solitude
yet, my soul yearns to break free
my heart wants to explore the unknowns..!!

So, here I'm standing at the edge
wanting to take the call
whether I should have a free fall
or continue with my journey of life anew?


I decide to retreat n' write my own story..!!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Bridging the time

As she looked back at the bygones
she felt trapped in a predicament ~
should she have handled it differently
and not missed certain opportunities
that she did due to her shaken will
but, then better sense prevailed
during days of solitude when she
introspected and it dawned on her that
its these very incidents that
shaped her to become who she is today ~
a truly spirited strong woman
who always holds up her head high
no matter, what life brings on to her
she, also, realized that if she
wasted her time asking "Why me"?
she would forever remain rooted at ground zero
with her soul constantly egging her to move on
she did so by taking the path less known
leaving behind indelible imprints of her own
in the sands of time inscribing that
no matter what the seasons of life bring
she would never change from the inside
keeping her I, Me n' Myself intact..!!