Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Little Joys

Little joys like ~
listening to soothing music
enjoying the whiff of fresh air
watching the dew-drops on leaves
walking on grass or on sand
towards the subtle sunrise or sunset
feeling one within, in blissful solitude
looking at where the horizons meet
gazing at the beauty of the azure sky
or the colors of the meadows
and the smell of earth
during the first showers
it's this midas touch that symbolizes
harmony n' peace in the midst
of the mystical wonders of nature
that give us our ecstatic pleasure..!!

Why trade these rapturous
enchanting thrilling joys
to the dark shadows of
a demanding n' pretentious
world that sucks you within
in its vortex leaving you depraved..??

Get soaked in these joys n' soar high
spreading your wings to unknown heights
setting yourself as free as you can be
enjoying every moment, the beauty of life
and life's little things..!!

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