Monday, January 9, 2012

Ambiguous Life

What do I express of life, this life
save, it's nothing but an ambiguous life!!

a moment of chaos, a moment of calm,
a moment of roar, a moment of whisper,
a moment of light, a moment of darkness,
a moment of sense, a moment of conflict,
a moment of love, a moment of hate,
a moment of clamor, a moment of silence,
a moment of pleasure, a mment of pain,
a moment of pretence, a moment of reality,
a moment of grotesque, a moment of beauty,
a moment of depression, a moment of hope,
and, so many more contrariness
all stemming from the life ~
birth in this mysterious universe,
where time flows forever like the river
undeterred in its journey n' forever sparkling
bringing in a new facet with it every new day
that changes a part of us; for good or bad
but who's the master to judge, no one knows..??
life moves on and the cycle continues on n' on
till one fine day when death takes you away
to yet another unfamiliar unknown territory
where you rest in peace from this damnation
setting your spirited soul free for eternity
nothing would change after you're dead n' gone
there would be a momentary pause by the loved ones
till they find their grounds n' surge ahead, and
the universe continues its vicious rigmarole
birthing new souls n' taking them through it all
just like how it did with you while you lasted here
such are the vagaries of life, our ambiguous life..!!

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