Monday, January 2, 2012


When chaos n’ turmoil are flagrant in my life
n' I momentarily think I can't handle the rife
when tact’s, deeds n' words fail to do the needful
that's when I adopt the SILENCE that's powerful!

In the depth of silence ~
as I embark on the journey deep within
to contemplate over the realm that I live-in
as my musings n' thoughts unfold in my mind
I let them have a free flow, unchaining the binds
my heart, spirit n' soul akin connect as whole
bolstering my conscience, to take full control!

The harder the resolute to seek the answers
with the dauntless tenacity to not give-in
ensure a clean sweep of the cluttered mind
quasi yet real are the choices of this sojourn
now, it's up to me to decide which path to choose!

Silence is not a sign of weakness or loneliness
it's a powerful weapon of souls with fortitude
Silence brings together the elements within me
it has its own energy, substance n' style
Silence, I revere your presence in my life
for condescending me and showing me light!

SILENCE… I bow to thee for eternity..!!

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