Saturday, January 5, 2013

Bridging the time

As she looked back at the bygones
she felt trapped in a predicament ~
should she have handled it differently
and not missed certain opportunities
that she did due to her shaken will
but, then better sense prevailed
during days of solitude when she
introspected and it dawned on her that
its these very incidents that
shaped her to become who she is today ~
a truly spirited strong woman
who always holds up her head high
no matter, what life brings on to her
she, also, realized that if she
wasted her time asking "Why me"?
she would forever remain rooted at ground zero
with her soul constantly egging her to move on
she did so by taking the path less known
leaving behind indelible imprints of her own
in the sands of time inscribing that
no matter what the seasons of life bring
she would never change from the inside
keeping her I, Me n' Myself intact..!!