Sunday, March 18, 2012

Phenomenal Woman

Demons of the past haunting her each night
leaving a dissipated feeling within the heart
that's halved n' yet she holds HOPE as her aromor
too much pain inflicted in her mind n' spirit
as she oscillated between hell n' back to earth
to find answers which are now imperative to seek
sanity, reality checks, practicalities came n' went
offering no respite to her silent tears
that kept ripping her apart from within..!!

She knows she is not alone that every story
of every human here is a unque war cry
but, truth remains at the end of the day
the battles are to be fought on our own
there's no point living in fear
when you were born, you were empty handed
there is nothing to lose in that sense
when nothing worked her way out
she paused to make sense in repose..!!

She set on a task of giving it a last shot
of surmising where she was and what could be done
for this jaded life couldn't go on n' on' forever
With yesterday behind and tomorrow ahead
all that was left was the present to take care of
holding onto past, hurt more so she let them all go
she wiped clean her tears that were almost dry
n' basked herself in the twilight mist
to see the remaining rainbows of her life..!!

She is a Phenomenal Woman,
a Phenomenal Woman is she..!!

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