Thursday, October 9, 2008

I lead Three Musketeers

I lead three musketeers...
Who run my!!
Their names are Swati, Sweta and Moumita
Known better as - Why and How and O! No...

They uncannily tend to lose out their way
And I got to reign their philandering sway
They have mastered the art of going astray
And I got to pull them on track, come what may!!

My three honest serving-babes -
Are different folks with different views?
Who always fret, fume an' shirk
At an hour's extra work

I push them each time they hesitate
I hit the red buzzer when they falter
But, I pat them after every successful work
Cheering with zest, hugs & laughter!!

They embark upon each day armed with zeal
A Master-Ash Blast and they skip their meal.
To resolve crisis of seemingly endless dearth
TOGETHER as a TEAM - move heaven, hell or earth!!

They toil diligently from ten-to-eight
Past days, hours, minutes and seconds
Through the breakfast, lunch and coffee-breaks,
Only after their content uploads, do they set to rest.

I lead three musketeers...
Who are the life and soul
Of my !!

To them, I take this time to say
"Thanks" for all that they do and have done,
And I hope that they know -I love & care for them more than anyone!!

P.S: Dedicated to my three musketeers - Swati, Sweta & Moumita

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