Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Moments Of Life

many moments in my life
passed through by
some were told,
many remained untold
season after season
one after one they
never remained still
and continued to grow

they are a part of me
these moments of my life
they transcend space and time
and stand unified yet diverse
in their very nature
leaving pearls of wisdom
as their footprints
strung to each other
tracing my journey of life

seasons change but
they continue to flow
I reach out to them
to know more and more
to be able to sift
the surreal from the whole
as these passing moments
embellish and kinder my soul
I am eager to reach to
the other end of the shore

not a day not an hour
not a second is spared
the canvas holds in it
every color of life
like the meadows that
are lively and wild
painted vividly by
the hands of the unseen
a picture that reveals
the story that's -

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