Monday, December 8, 2008

Birthday Wishes...

Once in a while, we meet SOMEONE -
Who makes us feel so good,
Who really seems to understand us,
In a way very few people could.

You share with me my adventures,
Laughter, fear, sorrows and pranks,
You always stand by me when I need YOU,
And, in return never expect any THANKS.

A year of fun and happiness, is our b’day wish for you
You are our Someone Special n’ your b’day should be too!!

Happy Birthday to you
A friendtoo good to be true
Perfect soul, I wish you joy
Pride in all that you do
Youthful life, knowledge enroute

Blessings from above too
Immense pleasure n' happiness
Risin' career, aglow with success
Tears, fears n' cries at bay
Horizons new to explore everyday
Destiny laying the path for you
Almighty guiding your decisions through
Yielding a journey that's memorable for you

Many Many Happy Returns Of The Day !!

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