Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Time n' Life

The moving finger
sometimes does go back
not to rewrite for it can't
but to re-read

It comes across vague occurred incidences
which back then were deriguered as "right" 
but with the passage of time 
and in it’s whole form today
seem derisory or dismissive

Beguiled by life's contrariness -
of "If only" this or that
on such and such a time
had varied by a minute or a second
or something done undone 
and “perhaps” something undone done
this world would seem a different place
for "if-only's" and "perhaps" seem to be siblings
stated as "reasons" in our minds

For those who don’t know that 
Life is a rigmarole of smiles and tears
encompassed in an ocean of emotions
where -
there is no one to augur of what is to come
the only thing obvious
is the inevitable death

This is the ELM OF LIFE!

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