Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Live LIFE...

The stars gaze at you from the benevolent sky
The trees watch you through their eyes, don't they??
The river keeps flowing all the while
and still is new from the start to the end,
yet it askance, why do you look at me?
is it to see a reflection of yonder
or to introspect or dwell??
A set of tomorrows are all lined up
Some bigger & clearer than the rest
who keep getting smaller farther away;
but they all seem to be echoing
Just ONE thought -
Behold… We See You, We are Coming!!

Stand Up. Be Bold. Be Strong.
Make your own future.

Take the responsibility on your shoulders
Know that you are the creator of your own destiny
Which is a matter of your choice and not chance!!
All the strength and succor you want -
Lies within yourself.

Caress every moment conscientiously
Live LIFE, it’s splendid, it’s beautiful!!

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