Saturday, March 1, 2008

Start Again...

I looked at world through glass,
Watching its people pass,
I thought nobody would touch me,
That I'm safe.

But the world blew cold, in the depths of my soul,
The deed was done, it was too late,
Menacingly ruthless souls walked through me,
Crushing past as if I am a nobody nowhere.

Where I never thought they would upset me,
I was too late as they hurt and made me cry.
I ran away from the world, to hide in the corners of my mind alone,
Thinking I could save my heart, but no I could'nt n' it bled.

Emotionally shattered, for the pain mattered,

I sought shelter in a room without windows
In the company of shadows that took me in
Silence brought strength n' I could stand once more

I decided - I will S T A R T A G A I N!!

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