Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I Never Knew …

I never knew that I could meet one person who would make me feel so good and so complete,
I never knew that one person could mean so much to me and that one person could affect me so much,
I never knew that respect, friendship and affection could feel like this, a feeling so great that it rushes from the heart,
I never knew that I could care about someone the way I care about you,
I know, though, that all of these feelings are possible because of you.

To make me think about you all of the time and the moments we share -
I know that I have found a special F.R.I.E.N.D,
Someone… who can hold my soul in her hands.
I know that this state of mind is like no other -
A feeling so powerful that you would do anything for that person.

Thank you for helping me realize that all of these are possible.
Thank you for stepping into my life and making me know that there is someone like you.

P.S: Dedicated to Radhika...my dearest friend :)

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