Monday, March 3, 2008

EVOLVE - Arched ccross the Sky !!

A corporate identity, a seed
borne in my imagination
The name - EVOLVE
christened n' partnered by thee
As it arched across the world's
lovely hazy gray-blue sky
On one end there sat you
And, at the other end sat I

EVOLVE bridged the connection
from my professional dreams to yours
Anchored by forces who were muted in solitude
by destiny, but when together basked in twilight
Riding high through the rainstorms
and, from the gray skies to the blue
Its become so evident over time now
that we have rebuilt like the Hue

Like a genuine smile upward bound
Its propelled to stretch like a bridge across
Sliding right over to the other side, thats
the other end of our coloured arch
With dreams akin a colorful rainbow
Reaching destinations unknown, horizons anew
That has no gate, no barrier, no door,
Connecting end to end, arching shore to shore.

P.S: Dedicated to Sandy

1 comment:

Sandy said...

There is a gal i know Who thinks she is a BOSS
She most of times bowls u over with her

She thinks a lot n speaks a lot and changes me from

She headbangs with me and then realises it was a