Monday, December 5, 2011

Reflections of My Soul

I lived all my life in pursuit of understanding
the true calling of the real ME
that would define the "I" in me
n' prepare myself for it's sojourn
at whichever point of life, I would discover it.

I used to think of this ~
as a journey within a journey
which had lessons to unlearn n' learn anew
a sojourn with it's own set of ~
trials n' tribulations, simplicity n' complexity,
temptation n' abstinence, a different world order
that would be my transcendence to my independence.


Today ~
a sudden transformation swayed thru' me
as I was enjoying the subtle pleasures
of a calm, breezy, dark, star n' moonlit sky
it began with a discerning feeling of
emptiness and nothingness within
as if layers of dust from the past
buried over time had been vacuumed
in one sweep motion by a gust of wind
n' I stood there experiencing a never before
felt sense of liberation from all around me
as I closed my eyes, I felt time pause
n' I saw a glowing light dawn within
to show me the crystal clear reflection
of my own pristine soul, even if for a moment
I saw it was free, spirited n' ‘twas untouched
floating in the mirth of sublime love in its realm
just like the way, I always felt it would be..!!
Intoxicated n' content with this new found peace in my life
after being thru' such blissful serene moments
intending to preserve this savoir-faire within me, forever
I already sense the evolution of a new ME...

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