Friday, August 5, 2011

Shades of ME

She comes across as a woman ~
who has been chiseled by the realities of life,
Love, happiness, joys; betrayal, loss n' strife,
She is nature's abandoned n' destiny's favorite child;
any incident, now, can incite her enough to withdraw, or
fuel to strike back as a phoenix rising from it's own ashes.

But, this is not who the real she is ~
She is an epitome of innocence n' pure love,
a pristine soul, yearning for real freedom,
from all bondages n' being one with Mother Nature,
for that is where she sets herself completely free,
as she knows that this is the place where she truly belongs.

She is aware she is different, she is unique ~
and, she has variant of shades that make her who she is;
Sunset, twilight, calm lakes, rivers, rains n' seas,
evoke within her, her deeply hidden sensitivities n' dreams,
while soft music enlightens her heart n' mind akin,
and, poetry n' prose give vent to her heartfelt feelings.

A child woman, a lone wanderer in thirst of peace,
simplicity n' true unconditional love is all that she seeks;
It's her strong will that enthrals her to strive,
to create a world that she will call her own;
She might give up at times but she will bounce back,
I know for real that she will do this for that SHE is ME.

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