Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Emotional Scars

scars get inflicted in all walks of life
while some are external n' heal with time
it's the emotional ones that leave their mark
n' remain etched, dark n' deep in our minds!

these scars're hidden n' do not 've any visible form
torn, deranged n' fragmented are how they exist
they're caused when the heart is pierced n' bleeds
for the free flow of mental trauma refuses to cease!

a surge of emotions wreath around such scars
making one a wreck trapped within oneself
faltering faith, broken heart, shattered hopes
depression envelopes as they erupt like tropes!

emotional scars are scathed within n' do not show
akin to the deep wounds that do not heal
it's seldom that one can really feel n' see
what the one with the emotional pain deeply feels!

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