Friday, November 11, 2011


Euphoric grandeur
ecstatic feelings
fuddled enamoured mind
with muddled reasoning
transcendental state of being
spell bound in jubilance
captivated in a world ablaze
with vivid resplendent delights
it's nothing but a world
of sheer twistedness..!!


Wake up to the reality
that you had shunned
while you sojourned
in this dreamy extrinsic
world of alluring mirth
thoughts come n' thoughts go
making you wonder, what to do,
know that these surreal feelings
hold no resolute abiding grounds
with their frugal pretence..!!

Break FREE from this spell
of pseudo illusions n' twistedness
before they deport you
on an highway to hell
boldly leading you NOWHERE
ravaging your life, forever…
FREEDOM is just a thought away
embrace it in its full splendour
rebound back to your realm, your world
ONE that you know is your very own..!!

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