Monday, December 12, 2011

Away, Abjectness...

a past to let go
a present to live
a tomorrow to look forth to!

Why then does abjectness
come to the fore
when the dusk prevails
with all the obscurity
that we park aside
during the melee of the day
until the new day dawns
with twilight, to herald hopes
of striving to live another day
with all that it has to offer!

The earth continues to revolve
the river continues to flow
with the breezy winds blowing
n' the wonders of Mother Nature
calming us down as they always do!

Is it the concrete jungle
rife with rules of its own
that is enslaving n' mellowing us
to follow Darwin's rule to survive
killing the raw innocence within
Hell! No, it’s in each one of us
to handle life the way we want to
with powers enough to believe
in worshiping a stone as an idol
or treating an idol as a stone!

Drive away the fears,
n' the abjectness that consumes
your whole n' derides you of emotions
let them away, let them go;
aspiring all the while...
to remain true to yourself,
to spread the power of love,
to do ya best in all that you do,
n' just be the REAL YOU..!!

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