Thursday, December 29, 2011

New Year Wishes

Only a second separates the last year to the new year
yet, so much changes in terms of perspective...
hope blossoms, new dreams are envisaged on the anvil,
intellect is slaked, goals reset, heart rekindled,
mind rejuvenated, spirit wanting to burst at will,
letting go off the murky past n' moving on...
to enjoy the pleasures of new beginnings in Life..!!

The New Year holds aplenty in its arms ~
to reveal n' unleash them all as moments unfold
where every sunrise sees a new reality born
leaving it unto us to make our choices
owning up for our actions n' deeds, and
making it a motive to live our life to the fullest
in bliss n' serenity instead of serendipity..!!

My wishes for you are for you ~
to live a life of dignity grounded by your values
where you dare to be real in a world of pretence
be an epitome of patience, grace n' strength
ready to take on life as you scale new heights
sowing seeds of love, joy, care, bliss n' peace
wherever you go, in merriment n' abundance..!!


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