Thursday, November 3, 2011

Circle of Life

From the infinitesimal speck of moment,
when we are formed in an act of unision
of two souls embalmed in love
to the time we step in this world
we are protected in the safe haven of a womb
where we grow n' live a carefully nurtured life.

From hereon, in the midst of all expectations, and
boundaries set by our creators n' those around us
we embark on a remarkable journey ~
beginnin' by observin' n' understandin'
everythin' around us thru' our own senses
with the hand holding done by our protectors
obedient at first, rebellious later,
as we mature n' become consciously aware
of all that this universal nature unveils
before us to comprehend n' imbue what we want to.

From the various sojourns that we undertake
we experience the rise to unprecendented heights
or see us fallin' weak wayside, scathed, hurt
reboundin' at times wisened enough, to sail thru'
once again the high n' lows of this mystical life
that graviates us each time into its fold
be it with hope, faith, chaos, conflict,
love, loss, reality, success or gratitude
it's a vicious rigmarole of all elements
that lets us imbibe from the choices we make
in our expedition, to define the "I".

Enroute, most of us, even create a new life
just like how we arrived, givin' it our all
passin' on our refined learnings n' wisdom
yet, lettin' the new life take its own course
just like how we did when we were them
remaining resilient n' prayin' from deep within
that they get the best of everythin'.

Change which is the only constant factor in Life
forever keeps us on our toes to continually discover
hidden facets within us, creatin' new dimensions,
with an unwaverin' will n' extended endurance powers,
which we thought never existed within us,
when we think of givin' it all up when at the edge
only to rediscover new aspects of livin' Life
to the fullest, in a realm of our own
when we've found our true callin' within
before the rhytmic beat of our heart stops beatin'
n' we embrace the invincible, inevitable death.

Just like the beautiful seasons of nature
that follow each other in a circle
Such is Life ~
a path unfoldin' the mysteries
that Life beholds for each one of us
in a circle, The Circle of Life..!!

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