Monday, October 3, 2011

Moonlight n' ME

Under the vast expanse of the sky ~
stands the MOON, lit in its full ensemble
with the sparkling stars n' sparse dark clouds
dispersed across the endless celestial sphere
reverberating in their glowing luminance
hallmarking a lasting signature mark of its own
soothing the daily drudgery of my cognizance
while I pour my mind, heart n' soul out, akin
and, we have an heartening exchange of thoughts
in an unusual muted, inarticulate conversation
that even in the depth of silence, steers me clear
of all my consternation, qualms n' anxiety
as it lays its calm balm on my wounds, healing me
guiding me above the spiritless day-to-day life
giving me a new high, a sense of freedom above all
into a world of my dreams, hopes n' reverie.

I am enchanted by the moonlight in pure exalt,
in the profound bliss of the elixir that it emanates
which spreads unconditional harmony, love n' bliss
our relation is an un-paralleled lifelong unison
a sinewy bond of feeling ONE, of feeling whole ~

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