Monday, September 26, 2011

Betrayed trust

Standing tall and strong like a pillar of strength ~
ever since the death of our revered one
the irreparable loss that balked all our lives
I grew up overnight killing the young ME inside!

To handle the responsibility of everything therein
I toiled through endless days and nights akin
to meet the ends, so that we could live in dignity
the ride was never smooth, it was bleak and bouncy!

I faced adversities, challenges n' crisis on my own
the feelings I felt, I buried them in the unknowns
not minding even once the exaction or the dents
the sacrifices, the wounds and the heart's descent!

I slogged through years to see you smile, to fulfill
all that you wanted for to me they were worth while
it kills me within and I find it hard to believe ~
that for all my love, it was deceit that you chose to give!

I wanted you to live your life on a path that was true
a road travelled by only the blessed and chosen few
but you consciously chose to drift, go awry n' astray
you betrayed my trust, what more can I say..??!!

Not that I expected benediction or gratitude in return
I only hoped you hadn't let me down the way you'd done
the signs were showing for long but I chose not to believe
O! how I wish I had believed! I had believed! I had believed!

I let go off you, now, you be what you want to be ~
learn life the hard way for you do not deserve me
I hope you realize your sinful deeds and soon see the LIGHT
take the u-turn for good before your soul feels emptied inside!

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