Sunday, April 3, 2011

Back to being ME...

The journey had been long ~
n' I was feeling lost n' forlorn,
thinking I might not be able to keep afloat,
I tided over to the other side of the shore;
what I saw in that side of the world unnerved me,
such extreme was the vanity n' incongruity,
havin' realized this in it's nascent stage,
I decided to halt no more n' turned around,
before they could destroy me like never before.

Having reached my end ~
it felt like homecoming, for this world is mine,
it belongs to me n' I know the rules of the game here,
not that the perils do not exist but I'm now brave,
I have the will in me to tide over any high or low wave,
in retrospect when I think, it was all about my shaken will
that I'd lost in the midst of sheer chaos n' adversity,
never again will I let my will in me waver,
n' I am NOW firmly back here again forever..!!

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