Sunday, May 8, 2011


as I see, seas of humans ~
walk in endless parades
havin' masked their faces in facades
not knowin' what they are doin'
let alone know what they are talkin'
uncertain of where they are headin'
a classic case of reality checks missin'..!!

when I see them, I feel jolted out of the blues
my mind refuses to wander in their hues
to me they appear weak in their own wills
they think they are forever movin'...
even when their souls are standing still
they behave as if they belong to the knowns
when in true their realms are all unknown..!!

wouldn't life be blissful, if we lived it simple
the way our forefathers generations did for ages
their world was filled n' overflowed in blitheness
but our's is a chaotic world of sheer randomness..!!

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Anonymous said...

heavy :P