Monday, November 21, 2011

Forever Oneness with Nature

When the concrete jungle, rife with rules of its own,
makes me feel claustrophobic, fraying my nerves within,
where I fight for sustenance amongst the seas of people,
to earn my daily bread for my family n' seek a living;
I take the vagabond escape route to being amidst Nature...
to lose myself in its scenic beauty n' FREE the real ME,
even, if it is momentary, to touch, feel, live n' sensitize,
to infuse within me all that Nature has to offer from its womb;
be it the meadows that paint the vibrant colors from its canvas,
in my otherwise stark life colored only in black n' white;
or the wilderness that sing songs in rhythms of their own,
a melody, so pleasing that sets you grooving to its every beat;
the sunrise that breaks away from twilight to give me hope,
when I feel lost as I surmise the conflicts I face in my life;
the landscapes, seascapes n' mountainous intricate designs,
that leave me spell bound with its native forms n' splendours;
the rivers that flow endlessly remaining new all the while,
teaching me to remain unaffected by the disruptions in life;
the solace in the secluded spot over a rock with subtle winds,
that drives away all my agitation n' plunges me in reverie;
the sunset by the sea that usher-in respite, calming me down,
healing me from within n' resurging me with strength n' wisdom;
to collect myself n' my thoughts to get back the handle of my life,
treasuring every memory to continue my journey when I return back
to the man-made soulless surreal world that bewilders me each time
with the the circle of being enthralled in the charisma of Nature
coming to an undesirable end with the end of the brief sojourn
that brings me a step closer to Nature each time, I seek solace
in its resplendent world emblazoned with inexplicable bliss n' peace
a sacred communion with the eternal power that cannot be expressed
but only be felt from deep within the soul as Nature's powerful mysticism
creating firmly a sense of oneness between ME n' Mother Nature forever…


Anonymous said...

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Aishwarya said...

Thank you so much for your kind words of appreciation. Wish you the very best in life, always...