Thursday, December 22, 2011

Merry X'Mas

the real souvenir that X'Mas brings ~
is the love, joy, happiness spread everywhere,
and, the pleasant regale that bestows the air,
with all enjoying the exuberant merriment n' fanfare!

the vibrant colors n' magnificent tree,
enthralling one n' all in its creation,
with surprise gifts hidden for loved ones,
chosen with thoughtful care n' affection!

fragrant scents, chilling weather that's resplendent,
gleaming faces bright with content, eyes sparkling
with dazzling smiles, warm hugs n' glowing hearts,
make this a special festive season of holy delight!

O! X'Mas, heavenly beatific X'Mas...
we all have been waiting the whole year long,
for you to weave the magic with your spirit, 
to bring on the time for harmony, rejoice n' cheers!

With prayers deep down my heart, I wish ~
may there be an angel to bless every soul on earth,
may there be no dearth of true love n' bliss, and
may our lives remain forever simple n' revel in mirth! 

                    ::: MERRY X'MAS :::

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