Friday, October 21, 2011


in the depth of besieged unusual silence
all she was aware was of her "existence"
that she was alive, that she was breathin'
when everythin' around her was collapsin'

all she saw was an endless tunnel ahead
with perpetual blackness widespread
undesired, was such a soulless journey
that made her life rampant with drudgery

her mind over time had turned out to be stoic
akin to her once carefree life that was now rustic
her lovin' heart had become unyieldingly cold
for her endurance had reached its set threshold

she seemed to be overpowered n' engulfed
with a strange profound feelin' of numbness
such sinewy, gritty n' scary was it's grasp
that she let it crush n' shatter her from inside

will she thwart this peril that's breakin' her apart?
will she let her emotions gain ingress into her heart?
will this eerie numbness destroy her pristine soul?
will she bounce back once more to be her spirited whole?

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