Friday, September 6, 2013


Life offers it's own twists which do not make sense at that point in time;
Keep moving, anyway.

When people around mar you more than they make you;
Ignore them, anyway.

What's taken you years to build, gets destroyed overnight;
Build again, anyway.

When you are questioned for your well meant intentions;
Do not answer, anyway.

When your dreams turn to dust;
Vacuum them, anyway.

When you seek answers deep down yet they seem evasive;
Give time, time, anyway.

As a sole wanderer with an unprejudiced mind
take on the journey of your life
looking out for the signs of the universe
that will guide you on what barriers to navigate,
what bends to take and what roads to rise,
to conquer the untouched apex and summits
with its new horizons, sunsets and sunrise..!!

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