Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Giving Serendipity a chance...

why do we feel that strong urge
to control the handle of our life
wanting to set everything right
controlling all its moments
from the onset to the end?
when in true parlance, life,
sometimes, writes stories
that one cannot imagine, and
we are left wondering wild
what it will turn out to be
thinking too much, kills the fun
I feel we must just let it run
the way it is, the way it should be
for who knows chance serendipity
may exalt us giving us an experience
never felt before in our lifetime..!!

so what if we find it profound,
scary and run amok with insecurity
isn't this how we are supposed to feel
every feeling raking within us, our real?
the fears and anxiety are all set
within the confines of our mind
peace, bliss and happiness
are not really hard to find..!!

truth remains rooted firmly in its ground
that not all answers are meant to be found
and, if you really think, you know it all
you actually know none-at-all..!!


mehul said...

simply superb, great going, keep writing

Aishwarya said...

Thanks Mehul..!!