Saturday, March 2, 2013

Standing on the edge

Standing on the edge...
I dwell on my life, till now
on all the events n' people
who shaped me to become who I am 
but is this who I wanted to be?

Is this my fate?
Is this my destiny? 
Or, can I write my own story?

Till date, I've accepted all that life 
has offered n' moved on with it
be it the shackles daunting my journey
or the mysteries of the seasons of nature
with its wild cry n' deafening silence
I've seen it all, been through it all..!!

With every passing moment, I try to sift
the reality from the illusion
but the myriad of collages from the past
clutter my mind n' I feel lost in solitude
yet, my soul yearns to break free
my heart wants to explore the unknowns..!!

So, here I'm standing at the edge
wanting to take the call
whether I should have a free fall
or continue with my journey of life anew?


I decide to retreat n' write my own story..!!

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