Monday, September 23, 2013

Venture to Nature

As she ventured towards nature ~
she sauntered towards the prying fires
whose mystique flames raptured her abound
she whispered songs of lore in the air
even amidst the dissonance of sound
she immersed herself in the clear blue waters
floating in the streams, without being downed
she looked up at the celestial ether
where the natural paradise held her spellbound
she felt beneath her feet, the bountiful earth
that spread its subtle fragrance all around!!

After traipsing amongst the elements of nature;
she realized that the pain she felt within
would consume her, only, if she sanctioned it
she learnt that instead of letting her loneliness
fluster her, she should seek solace in it
she, also, understood that sunrise and sunset
where a part of everybody's life
and every passing moment was a new moment
that held open endless possibilities
to know the unknowns and tread the unexplored paths!!

In essence ~
What she needed was only a venture to nature
to resurrect her broken will and shaken confidence
and, set free her mind, heart and soul
to live life anew with renewed spirit and zest 
without being affected by the past and the rest!!

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