Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Endless Journey

I heard the voice inside that said ~
"You'll seek what you want in the end"
I thought I then knew what I had to do
So I started traversing on paths anew
on the roads that were less taken
not meant for the crest-fallen
I continued on my stride
even when the winds pried
keepin' my spirits alive
o'er the raging tide
reprising the only voice
that I heard inside
I strode deeper and deeper
determined to reach sooner
I dabbled over my choices
aimed at a central quest
to seek the end n' define the "I"
to sieve the truth from the lie
I continued to wander across the lands
thru' the mystifying n' changing sands
I did this for many many years
letting my hope cast away my fears
but at the twists n' turns of the alley
serendipity paved way for melancholy
as I reached the peak of my journey
my virtues got chained
I saw that the mysteries of nature
were rife with rules insane
the voice that I heard initially
lost clarity n' was strained
at last I realised that all that I sought
'twas all only in my thoughts
for the journey had no end
as there was no end to the road
my pursuit was a tryst
as the end did not exist!!

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