Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I don't know for how long
has darkness surrounded me
time has flown so fast n' now
it all seems like eternity
I look at the waters of the stream
but find no reflection of the real me
demons unleashed; haunt n' tease
as fears move with a lot of ease
trials keep pouring; there's no stopping
they seem to be testing me endlessly
my head is spinning round n' round
my mind is chaotic with all the sounds
at every crossroad, I lose my way
O! will this ever end some day?

I close my eyes n' I see the gleam
a rainbow of lights or so it seems
as life appears on a new canvas
the splendid colors make me anxious
I enjoy every moment I live here
with peace n' bliss that endear
I yearn for this to be true n' real
but, alas! it's my dream n' it's surreal!

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