Monday, September 21, 2009

Without him...

Life seemed blissful
with my new found love
I thought at last I'd my anchor
n' now I would be safe ashore
walking hand in hand
matching step to step
in the warmth of his love I lived
on his shoulders I careened
I drifted to a new world order
with rosy dreams in splendor
I thought it was all true
that there was life without its rues
till reality jolted me on the inside
when one fine day he left my side
n’ walked away never looking back
without even telling me if he'll comeback!!

I am now feeling empty within
as he has taken my heart n' soul akin
the void he has left cannot be filled
I don’t know now if I will live...


N. Ramjee said...

If you love it let it go. If it returns to you cherish it, if not it was never truly yours."

Anonymous said...

I hope you have got him back . Wish u good luck and you are a wonderful poet that I have ever come across