Friday, September 4, 2009

Never at ease

My life's been an expanse of darkness
hurt and agony flowing in boundless
a rampant world, plagued with chaos 
beseeched with voices lacking ethos

as continuing strife, beckoned my life
the vast blackness kept growing inside
as I grew, I lost out on my spark
my will kept fading into the dark

my trapped mind, nobody could see
O! how much I wanted to set it free
I was held up there with nowhere to go
death of a loved one, came as a blow

the innocence, enslaved n' slained
so deeply embedded has been the pain
the fear that lurked deep within
contrived n' usurped my love-in

the uneasiness that set within me
locked my essence for eternity
as the turbulence within refused to cease
I realised I have never been at ease!

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