Wednesday, August 26, 2009


she has always been alone
trapped in the dark abyss
unwanted, rebuked n' abused
with loneliness as her only ally
she has known it now for long
that solitude is her only rescue
from all her dreaded despair
that tears are her only comfort
through the dark murky nights
that the discerned road to death
is the only solace to her life
where inveigled love seemed
like a blessing in disguise
but turned out to be a curse
devouring the translucent joys
seasons transformed and faded
the decisions she had taken then
in the myriad appeared jaded
when fear kept tightening its grip
and choking her on her breath
she strived and struggled to rise
but as the descent gained space
she lost the smile from her face
the emotions which she thought
that would forever last
receded gradually into her past
and the true image of her soul
got swallowed as a whole
and forever she remained
trapped in the blackhole

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